2016 Transgender Conferences

If you are a trainer who is looking to increase or update your knowledge on current trends, best practices, and awareness of other segments of transgender communities, conferences can be a great place to go!   Maybe you are looking to learn more about specific medical interventions, people with non-binary gender identities, current policy initiatives, or see how other people are training on transgender-related content.  At transgender-specific conferences, you can often learn about each of these topics and more in the same place – all while supporting transgender communities.  

The website, Transguys.com keeps a comprehensive list of potential conferences to check out, including their locations, costs, and a bit of information about their histories and target audiences. As an added bonus, many of these conferences also offer professional tracks and Continuing Education credits for social workers, therapists, and medical professionals. There are also lots of regional and non-annual conferences that happen all over the country, so be sure to connect with your local organizations to find out more about those options.

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