Advanced Praise for The Teaching Transgender Toolkit

Here is what some of our review team had to say about The Teaching Transgender Toolkit: A Facilitator’s Guide to Increasing Knowledge, Decreasing Prejudice & Building Skills:

“Society is increasingly eager to learn about trans people. And while thousands of trans folks and allies have made themselves available to do really great training, we need even more people doing this real teaching. All of us would benefit from a systematic, organized, thorough and thoughtful book like this.” - Mara Keisling, Executive Director, National Center for Transgender Equality

“Winning equality for transgender people is the most important challenge facing the LGBT movement right now. To do this, we need an army of educators who can create respect, understanding, and empathy. The Teaching Transgender Toolkit offers a complete curriculum that will help do just that. It’s a valuable resource that we can’t do without.” - Roey Thorpe, Equality Federation

“The Teaching Transgender Toolkit does a skillful job with a difficult task – providing a nuanced discussion and avoiding the pitfalls of easy fixes and platitudes in a way that is still accessible and usable to a diverse array of audiences – from the seasoned advocate to those newer to these issues. It is an important resource for anyone educating about transgender people and issues.” - Emily Greytak, Ph.D, Director of Research, GLSEN

“The Teaching Transgender Toolkit is just what the transgender educational movement needs — a step-by-step guide to facilitating transgender trainings. Particular attention is paid to the diversity of transgender people and trainers, allowing for each trainer to develop excellent quality, individualized lesson plans.” – Laura Erickson-Schroth, M.D., New York City Psychiatrist and Editor of Trans Bodies, Trans Selves

“The Teaching Transgender Toolkit is a first of its kind, much needed resource for any educator looking to help youth serving professionals, families, and communities be more trans sensitive and inclusive. These empathy building and skills-based tools are a great way to help your audiences support transgender communities better.”  - Leslie M. Kantor, PhD, MPH, Vice President, Education, Planned Parenthood Federation of America

“This is a most impressive work! It is thorough, well-informed, thoughtful, current and expert. The authors not only give us rich background information about transgender lives and experiences, they also provide a Toolkit that allows us to train others, shift the culture and transform the world. Resources don’t get much better than this!” – Marcia Quackenbush, MS, MFT, MCHES, Senior Editor and Health Education Specialist, ETR

“At last there is a comprehensive resource to inform, guide, and inspire educators, administrators, and other professionals in their efforts to be trans-inclusive and affirming. The Teaching Transgender Toolkit is a remarkable collection of lessons that will create positive and much needed change in the world. A copy should be in every school, medical office, social service agency, and home.“ - Al Vernacchio, M.S.Ed., Sexuality Educator, Author of For Goodness Sex: Changing the Way We Talk to Teens about Sexuality,  Values, and Health.

“FANTASTIC Resource! Every educator in every setting should have The Transgender Toolkit as a resource, whether or not there is formal teaching specifically on transgender issues.  I learned so much just reviewing it.” - Konnie McCaffree, PhD

“This is a necessary toolkit for all sexuality educators. In this single publication, you will find a comprehensive guide to facilitating culturally competent transgender affirming education for a wide variety of audiences. This is a must own for all educators who wish to become more competent in raising awareness regarding transgender-related issues across multiple settings.” - Stephanie C. Chando, MSW, LSW, MEd, University of Pennsylvania Health System

“This toolkit provides valuable lessons for those who desire to create spaces and provide resources which all people deserve. It is clear, respectful, and easy to use.  This is a must have toolkit at all Universities and should be required for all Student Affairs professionals.” – Elizabeth Amaya-Fernandez, MPH, Senior Program Coordinator of Community Outreach; Center for Alcohol Studies, Rutgers University

“The breadth, depth and scope of The Teaching Transgender Toolkit will have a profound impact on the delivery of compassionate, highly effective trans-inclusive sex education and healthcare. Long overdue, this user-friendly manual needs to be in the hands of every educator, therapist, and healthcare provider. As I read this manual, I kept a running tally of all the places I could use it; all the providers who will benefit. I’m most thankful for the way it is thoughtfully organized and can be used by organizations just beginning their process towards creating more inclusive environments and for those ready for intensive, advanced work.” - Lisa Schulze, M.Ed, CSE, Training and Education Coordinator, The Adolescent Health Project, Women’s Fund of Omaha

“This amazing, thorough, creative book should be in the hands of every educator, every family, and every school/health care provider in the nation. It is a life-saving manual that is exactly what we need.” - Mary Jo Podgurski, RNC, EdD