Table of Contents

Introduction By Authors
Authors’ Bios
Our Philosophy & Pedagogical Framework
How To Use This Toolkit
Lessons At A Glance
Our Lesson Plan Structure

Foundations & Best Practices For Facilitators
Introduction By Dr. Elizabeth Schroeder
Facilitator Self-Assessment
Navigating Transgender Terminology (For Facilitators)
Tips For Teaching Transgender Terminology
Common Participant Reactions & Challenges
Handling Inappropriate Language & Offensive Questions
Handling Self-Disclosure
Handling Frequently Asked Questions
Understanding Transgender Experiences
Understanding Intersecting Identities & Oppressions
Guidance On Transgender Documentaries
Guidance On Transgender Guest Speakers & Panels
Creating Supportive Learning Environments
Adaptations For Accessibility
Facilitating Effective Discussions
The Miscellaneous Bits & Pieces
Glossary Of Terms (For Participants)

First Things First… Getting Started  
1. Snap Shots: Assessing Participants’ Pre-Existing Knowledge
2. Find Someone Who
3. Thinking About Gender Messages

Transgender “101”  
Introduction By Jennifer Finney Boylan
4. Wait… What?! Understanding Transgender Terminology
5. Imagining Transgender
6. Are You A Boy Or A Girl? Transgender in Childhood
7. What Does Non-Binary Mean? Understanding And Supporting People Who Have Non-Binary Gender Identities
8. Myth Or Fact: Stats & Stereotypes
9. Coming Out: Always & Again
10. Thanks For Sharing: Responses To Coming Out
11. Everyone’s Gotta Go: The Importance Of Restroom Access (Available for download here).

Understanding & Addressing Anti-Transgender Prejudice
Introduction By Jaymie Campbell, MA, MEd
12. A Thousand Cuts: Understanding Anti-Transgender Microaggressions
13. At The Crux: Intersecting Identities
14. Check Your Privilege: Understanding & Building Awareness
15. In Solidarity With: Allies As Agents Of Social Change

K-12 Professional Development 
Introduction By Dr. Emily Greytak
16. Gender Messages In Children’s Books
17. Kids In The Hall: Transgender Kids In School
18. Supportive Services: Creating Safe Havens Of Affirmation in School

College & University Professional Development 
Introduction By Nancy Jean Tubbs
19. Residence Life: Working Towards Safe & Affirming Residence Halls
20. Safe And Inclusive Teams: Lessons For Athletics Staff In Higher Ed
21. Creating Transgender-Affirming College Health Centers

Medical & Health Providers Professional Development
Introduction By Dr. Jennifer Hastings
22. What To Do When The Phone Rings: Welcoming Transgender Clients
23. The View From Here:  Accessing Medical Care from a Transgender Perspective
24. It’s Not Always About Transition
25.  Providing Transgender Affirming Therapy: Applying Pre-Exisiting Clinical Strengths

Mental Health & Community Based Professional Development 
Introduction By Rhodes Perry, MPA
26. Context Is Everything: The Journey to Accessing Services
27. How Inclusive & Affirming Are We?

Making Meaning: Closing Activities
28. Impact & Reflection Circle
29. Navigating Next Steps
30. Reflection Sheet

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